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Sharing knowledge and information is one of the key requirements of progress and effective growth. At Climensys we thrive to achieve progressive growth through sharing of knowledge and information across our areas of working; also keeping our clients updated with latest development in the market places. We dedicate a reasonable share of our day in discussing, analysing, pondering new things and ideas revolving around the sectors; and this blog page is the result of that. We believe that this could be a common forum for sharing news, articles, information and blogs. We encourage our clients and visitors to view this blog page regularly and also to contribute by sending your write ups, sharing views and market updates.

  • Official establishment of CLIMENSYS !

    Dear Visitor/Client/Stakeholder,

    I would hereby like to take the opportunity to declare that Climensys has been officially published in digital media by means of its official website and social media pages.
    Our details and services are highlighted in the respective pages of this site. As mentioned therein, we are a group of ambitious people who dedicate to create a sustainable pathway for future. In this regard, our effort is to provide support to all industries/corporates in mitigating business risk related to resource, environment, climate sustainability etc. by serving them meeting their compliance needs. We are a total Certification Desk !

    So, along with the entire team of Climensys we welcome you all to our certification desk and look forward to partner your sustainable growth !

    Vivek K. A.

    (Founder & Director)

    Posted on: 23/11/2016    Posted By: Admin
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  • COP 22

    With the increasing pressure to address the global climate change phenomenon, everyone had an eye on recent COP22 meet at Marrakesh this November. The meet was concluded last week and there was no significant decision taken in COP22; but it has certainly clarified the route to a new market mechanism for combating with Climate Change. Now, by 2018 we will hopefully receive the tools and platform of the new market based mechanism. In the mean time how the market price will behave for Carbon Credits will be an interesting matter. As on 5th Oct 2016, the Paris Agreement has entered into force by meeting the required threshold participant, and it has been remarked  that "11 months after that historic night in the French capital it was now international law". However there was no positive effect observed in carbon pricing at the immediate. But at the emission cut discussion, it is emphasized that the Paris Agreement acknowledges voluntary national emissions targets are not enough to meet its global warming goals. But one year is not long enough, it seems, for governments to bring forward tougher carbon cuts. But with regards to Transparency, observers and negotiators seemed broadly satisfied with the timetable agreed for ploughing through the technicalities. Countries agreed that 2018 will be the next major meeting of talks under the Paris Agreement, and also that they’ll try and get the rulebook for it ready that year too.

    So to conclude, hope still resides with Paris Agreement, however market price and balance in demand supply of existing carbon credits will remain as a bottleneck for investors. 

    Posted on: 20/11/2016    Posted By: Vivek K A
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  • Importance of Sustainability

    Sustainability has become the one of the important business tools for all companies,industries even for individuals. Sustainability is generally a broader term, it relates to technical, financial, social, cultural, moral and even ethical attributes of business practices, but not limited to. Any product or service needs its self sustainability, otherwise any business will land up in a short term venture. While creating a product or service, it is important to see what all parameters may effect its sustainability. For example; any product manufactured in a plant needs energy for the plant operation. So it is important to understand if the source of energy used is sustainable or is it a depleting resource. If so, this energy is a threat to the business. Here comes the sustainability, wherein shifting to or creating an energy mix could be a sustainable solution for the business. Similarly, it is very much important for every business to be sustainable in terms of its environment concerns including emission, water, waste etc. Thus, mitigation and proofing of such risks is important which directly drives the sustainability of a business.

    Posted on: 02/11/2016    Posted By: B. Jyoti
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